Along with having an active career as a professional in the performing arts, MaryAnne is also a freelance teaching artist.  She is a graduate from City College, CUNY where she received her master's degree in  Educational Theatre.  She was named the recipient of the faculty nominated Bertram Epstein Memorial Scholarship Award from the School of Education for excellence in educational research for her thesis.  MaryAnne's most recent teaching artist work includes directing and producing musicals The Lower Manhattan Arts Acadmey such as CHICAGOGREASE, and STARMITES.  She has also taught master classes for Nine9 Agency,  Once Source Talent Agency, Arts for All Inc., Talent Unlimited Arts High School, and The Gallery Players Theatre. She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Theatre Arts Department at Marymount Manhattan College where she piloted the Pop/ Rock Performance Lab for the Musical Theatre program.  MaryAnne is a New York State certified (K-12) Theatre teacher who also holds a NYC DOE substitute teacher license and also serves for The School Professionals Agency.

Teaching Philosophy

Whether she is working on production, devising a brand new piece of theatre or writing curriculum, MaryAnne's work is deeply rooted in story telling, narrative, justification, research and empowerment. Her goal is to always put her students voices at the center of any the work. Her motto is "aspire to inspire" students to take control of their art, own it, love it, live it and change lives with it.

Along with her own credentials and training as a working theatre artist, MaryAnne also believes it is imperative to bring professionals from the feild into the classroom and rehearsal process.  This kind of exposure and experience can only enrich and enhance process.  She encourages her students not to look at the work we do as simply another assignment or class.  As artists we are THE teachers and THE culture creators which is a huge responsibility!


POP/ ROCK Master Class

Original Teaching Materials

12th Grade Curriculum Map (One Semester of a 12th grade Curriculum Map)
This is an example of a 12th grade curriculum map that covers areas of study such as Ensemble Building, The Actor's Toolbox, and an introduction to Method Acting. 
To download this map click here

How to Get What You Want:  An exploration in Tactic and Motivation  (12th grade Lesson Plan)
This lesson is designed to introduce the concept of taking direction from a director no matter if the actor agrees with the specific tactic.  As theatre artists we sometimes work with others who have a different vision than our own.  It is our job to make it work.
To download this lesson click here

Building Character: preparing for a role  (Webquest)
This webquest is designed to guide students through the process of creating a back-story for a character they will be portraying in a performance.  This format can be used for principal and ensemble roles.  It can be used along with a scripted play, process drama, movement and or dance piece.
To visit webquest click here

We Can Build a Beautiful City  (Pre- Show Lesson Plan)
This pre- show lesson plan is designed to be facilitated before attending the 2011 Broadway Revival of Godspell.  The central question for this lesson plan is: "How can taking others into consideration before you make decisions positively affect you and your community?"
To download lesson plan click here

Be-Kind Re-Wind  (Post Show Lesson Plan)
This post show lesson plan is designed to help students explore the themes of empathy, social reponsibility, and tolerance. It is easily paired with a piece dealing with socially concious issues that pertain to teen struggles.
To download lesson plan click here

Creating Grover's Corner  (Resource Guide)
This Resource guide is designed to be used by a facilitator in a high school classroom or rehearsal process.  It guides actor/ students through a Process Drama which allows them to create fleshed out characters, families and a community in which the story of Thornton Wilder's Our Town can thrive.
To download this resource guide click here

Introduction to Technical Theatre  (Unit Outline)
This unit outline is offers fun an creative way to introduce middle school and high school students to the world of technical theatre utiliizing creativity, imagination, improvisation and ensemble building exercises.
To download this unit outline click here

High School Theatre Ensemble Contract (Contract and Letter Home)
This is an example of what would be expected from students participating in an after school production.  Rehearsal etiquette and attendance policy is made clear as well as a letter home to the parent or guardian.
To download this contract and parent letter click here

High School Musical Production Audition Form (High School Audition Evaluation Form)
This is an example of how students would be evaluated and moved through the audition process for a full high school musical theatre production.
To download this contract click here

The Butter Battle Brecht  (TYA Adaptation)
This Theatre for Young Audience piece is an adaptation of Dr. Suess' The Butter Battle Book and is intended for elementary age students.
To download script click here

Crash Course Audition

is a website designed by MaryAnne to serve as a resource guide to actors new to The New York City Musical Theatre audition scene. It provides places to find auditions, advice on how to set up your rep book, classes to take and other tips for actors by actors.