Gary Goldfarb Master Escapist (NYMF)

“The NYMF production features several laugh-out-loud-funny moments courtesy of the cast's brilliant interpretation of a book that could easily have fallen flat in less dynamic hands (Jared Loftin as Gary and MaryAnne Piccolo as Mrs. Goldfarb/cafeteria lady Ms. Salmonelli are both notable in that respect).”

July 27th, 2013,, by Bethany Rickwald


“Another great moment of transcendent theatricality involved Gary’s mother’s attendance at her son’s magic show… His act, which was supposed to be silent, was instead punctuated by his mother’s wails, ululations, and general commotion… the scene (which would have otherwise been rather dull to listen to) became a riotous comedy act over and beyond the magic show occurring onstage.”


“The role of Ms. Salmonelli, played by MaryAnne Piccolo, was hilarious, and served as the embodiment of Gary’s temptation for food.”


“The show is rife with magic tricks, which I loved immensely. One gag in particular outshined the rest: when Gary’s mom accidently transported a disappearing scarf into her brassiere. The real beauty of this effect lies in its combination of stage magic, story, and theatricality – as the actress, Piccolo, has to perform the trick herself in order to surprise her character.”


July 24th, 2013,, by Kevin F. Kelleher


“Who is Gilda Goldfarb, Gary’s mother from Hell, played by? None other than that delectably zaftig Mary Anne Piccolo. She also plays Mrs. Salmonelli, which is a dead giveaway that she’s the school nutritionist. She lovingly sings “Jewish Mothers,” nowhere near a translation of “My Yiddishe Mama.”


July 23rd, 2013,, by Eugene Paul


“Adults give Gary trouble, too. His mother, Gilda (MaryAnne Piccolo), taunts him about the need to diet. The cafeteria lady (Ms. Piccolo in a blond wig and blue-green lipstick) tempts him with empty carbs… The songs — which include “There’s No Future in Fat,” “Gary Loves My Tater Tots” and “Jewish Mothers” — feature lyrics about gay people and Chick-fil-A, Israel and Iran, and Bernard Madoff.”


July 22nd, 2013, The New York Times, by Anita Gates


“…his mother (MaryAnne Piccolo, in a pitch-perfect, if intentionally shrill, performance that suggests a zaftig Fran Drescher) continually harps on the idiocy of his chosen avocation, performing magic tricks. That Gary spends every waking moment practicing his routine is driving said mama out of her mind, especially since Gary’s now-deceased dad was similarly preoccupied. “Daddy delved in magic/A trick up every sleeve/He slept with his assistant/And left on New Year’s Eve,” she sings.”


July 21st, 2013,, by Eleanor J. Bader



 "Also a stand out? MaryAnne Piccolo, as Kira's "Evil Woman" sister Melpomene.  As the main villain of the piece, Piccolo milked every scenery-chewing momement she could.  It's an over- the- top performance not only necessary for the piece, but also for any open- air performance.  Piccolo's got a killer voice, and along with her co-conspirator Kelley Blaze (Calliope), pretty much stole the show all night long."

July 12th, 2012,, by NINEDAVES

"Props to the cast especially, Alissa Laderer and MaryAnne Piccolo who bring much in the way of joy, talent and enthusiasm to their singing and dancing (sometimes on roller skates) They made is look easy and artful on an extrememly humid night. What spirit!"

July 8th, 2012,, by Louise Crawford


"The songs, reminiscent of the disco era, are quite nice, though for us the highlight was the comic duo of MaryAnne Piccolo (the funniest cast member, reminiscent of great comic musical actors, as the acid-tounged Melpomene) and her sister in intrigue, Kelly Blaze (as Calliope) singing "Evil Woman."


July 5th, 2012,, by Agnes Nixon


Jerry's Girls

“MaryAnne Piccolo has the most powerful voice in the cast, and is memorable in her stark and piercing duet with Julia Kiley called “Kiss Her Now.”


November 2nd, 2009,, by Kory- Loucks Powell


“Solo turns by MaryAnne Piccolo in “Wher Ever He Ain’t” and “Look What Happened to Mabel” showcased her effectivness as a comedic actress with a marvelous big voice.  And when Julia Kiley nd MaryAnne teamed up for the duet “Kiss Her Now” it proved to be a lovely moment of muical theatre.”


Nov 7th, 2009,, by Don Church & Tony Schillaci

The Full Monty

“…he’s having a tough time in his marriage to his wife, Georgie, played with a punch by MaryAnne Piccolo.”


July 14th, 2009, WMNR 88.1 FM Fine Arts Radio, by Rosakind Friedman


“Next, the female cast brought the house down strutting their ample stuff and singing full out in “It’s A Woman’s World.”  Their superb voices are led by MaryAnne Piccolo as Georgie Bukatinsky who sets the pace for the show.”


July 8th, 2009,The Resident, by Tony Schillaci and Don Church

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

"And Lin (MaryAnne Piccolo) has a dirty joke about everything. She's a firecracker."


May 8th, 2008,, by Jon Busdeker 


"The remaining trio is played by Lindsay Devino, MaryAnne Piccolo, and Doreen Barnard... Piccolo’s crass, mouthy neighbor is reminiscent of a young Roseanne Barr."


February 3rd, 2008,, by Frankie Moran


"Stealing every scene they are in were the white trash greek chorus comprised of Doreen Barnard, Lindsay Devino, and MaryAnne Piccolo. These ladies were having almost too much fun to still be legal."

January 8th, 2008, Stonewall News, Spokane, WA, by Kelly Brown

"The story is told by a trio of girls (Doreen Barnard, MaryAnne Piccolo, and Lindsay Devino) who can sing up a storm.  I can honestly say I don't recall hearing three finer female voices on stage at the same time. These gals are good, and great comediennes too."

May 2008,, Jacksonville, FL, by Dick Kerekes

Other Reviews

"Tuesday nights at 7PM The Duplex in Sheridan Square gives us a lively, high-level variety show with a wide spectrum of 
performers.  All of the acts I saw were professional-- from a candidate for the show “Hairspray” to a Jewish country singer.

 MaryAnne Piccolo’s strong voice and vibrant presence, the dynamic, funny Anthony Valbiro’s comedy and Mark Aaron James’s gentle singing and humor were the high points for me. And even Judy Garland showed up in a rousing turn! A good time was had by all."

July 31st, 2007,,  by Richmond Shepard 



"The Maid was played to perfection by MaryAnne Piccolo who I suspect, like many in the cast, is capable of a tremendous range 
(I would love to see her do Shaw or Molliere or Feydeau)."



August 1st, 2004,, by Louis Lopar




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"An invitation-only reading of a musical version of The Happy Hooker, the 1971 memoir by Xaviera Hollander that inspired the 1975 Lynn Redgrave film, will be presented Oct. 7 at The Cutting Room... Directed by Jonathan Warman with musical direction and arrangements by Mike Garson, the reading will feature Matilda's Betsy Struxness in the title role of Xaviera Hollander with Christopher TierneyRichard BlakeJason Mills, Michael Zegarzki, Abe Goldfarb, Elyssa Brette Mactas, Gabrielle Ruiz, MaryAnne Piccolo, Andromeda Turre, Kimilee Bryant and Sal Manzo. " read more


"The New York Musical Theatre Festival will present the new musical comedy Gary Goldfarb: Master Escapist for five performances July 17-27 at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center. The Musical features book and lyrics  by Omri Shein and music by James Olmstead.  Directed by John Znidarsic and choreographed by Jill Gorrie, the cast will include Jared Loftin, Krista Bucellato, MaryAnne Piccolo, Todd Thurston, James David Larson, Shoba Narayanan and Dimitri Moise... " read more


"Xanadu, the Tony-nominated musical based on the 1980 cult film featuring the music of Electric Light Orchestra, will rollerskate into Park Slope this summer... John P. McEneny will direct a cast that includes Alissa Laderer (Kira), Jamie Roach (Sonny Malone), M.X. Soto (Danny McGuire/ Zeus), Kelly Blaze (Calliope/ Aphrodite), MaryAnne Piccolo (Melpomene/ Medusa) more  


"The Great American Trailer Park Musical hits the road Jan. 10 as the national tour begins at Spokane, Washington's Bing Crosby Theater... The ensemble cast includes Dane Agostinis (as Duke), Doreen Barnard (Betty), Lindsay Devino (Pickles), David Howard (Norbert), Erica Livingston (Jeannie), MaryAnne Piccolo (Lin), and Sara Ruzicka (Pippi). Kenneth D'Elia and Carolyn Kimmel are the swings." read more  


"Jenn Colella, who will be part of the cast of the Broadway-bound musical High Fidelity, will host the upcoming Monday Nights, New Voices concert at the Laurie Beechman Theatre.  Produced by Courtney Wagner and Scott Alan, the 9:30 PM concert on Aug. 21 will spotlight the talents of Emily Mitchell, Allison Ford, MaryAnne Piccolo, Joseph Hutcheson and Alan Shaw. Barbara Anselmi will be the evening's musical director... " read more
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